Alumni - student interaction on 18th March 2016



On account of Annual Day Celebration we invite one of our well performing Alumni to represent our Alumni Association. The invited Alumnus is requested to come to the Polytechnic on the previous day to share his experiences and to respond students’ questions.


During the annual day celebrations of 2015-16 held on 19th March 2016 we invited Mr. Sudhindra, Alumnus of our Polytechnic who did hid diploma in E& C Engg. during 1991-94. He presently works as the General Manager (Projects), Orb Energy Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.  He addressed the students on 18th March 2016 and shared his views on academics and profession. Glimpses of this interaction are as below:


Initially Mr. Sudhindrawas introduced to the audience by the Principal. He shared his experiences of his student life when he was a student of this Polytechnic.


As per his opinion those students who scored in the range of 50-60 percent need to slog a lot in life as compared to better academic performers. Those scoring good marks would not find it difficult to secure employment of their choice.


Answering to a question on the marks scored and job performance, he said the performance in class and at the workplace are two different and distinct aspects. Both have no strong correlation or relationship. When one is on the job he needs to focus on the problems that crop up and work towards tackling them. He said this should be the main approach towards the job once a student secures a job after his education. He should learn the work culture of the organization quickly and strive to advance in the organization’s hierarchy. One should not be afraid to face any situations that arise at the work place and face them with courage and try to solve such problems.


He advised those students who are already placed to undergo the training provided in the respective firms and make best of it. After completing the training the candidate must make one of the two choices wisely – to continue or to shift elsewhere. One should continue only if he/she likes that particular job assigned to him/her.  If one is not happy with it he must shift to another but wherever one worked he/she must perform his duties willingly and must have a positive approach towards the job.He/She must try hard to create an impression in the organization.


When asked about the course in demand he said that there is demand for every engineering course. He said that the students need to work hard with perseverance in the chosen stream and the success comes only on the efforts of the students irrespective of the course they choose. He says scores or marks obtained in academics are mere numbers which are required only for knocking on the door of professional life.


To a question on how he could reach to the current position he said once a candidate joins certain profession he must set small short term goals for one or two years. Strive to achieve these goals within the set time frame. After achieving them set higher goals and proceed with achieving them.


There are many opportunities beyond one’s qualification. An electrical or mechanical engineer may get opportunities in software companies and he/ she can progress in such professions.


He said every problem is associated with a solution. Whenever one faces a problem he must look for the available alternatives to solve such problems. In the process quality must not be compromised, especially when you need to meet certain targets within a deadline.


To a question on whether to seek employment or to opt for higher education, he said it depends on one’s family and economical background. Such decisions cannot be made in a generalized basis. He also said experience on the chosen profession and the pay offered must have a balance. One should not go behind the payment alone or experience.


Sri.Davalakeerthi, HOD, Dept of E&E Engg. Proposed vite of thanks.















Compiled by

Santhosh, VI SEM E&E Engg.